World Politics, founded in 1948, is an internationally renowned quarterly journal of political science published by Cambridge University Press and produced under the editorial sponsorship of the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies at Princeton University. According to the 2001 Journal Citation Report, it is the most cited journal in the field of international relations, which itself is sometimes called world politics. 

Foreign Affairs is an American magazine and website on international relations and U.S. foreign policy published since 1922 by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) six times annually. 

Founded in 1947, the Journal of International Affairsis a leading foreign affairs periodical published by students at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. The Journal is published bi-annually and has readership in over eighty countries. It has earned worldwide recognition for its unique single-topic format, and for framing heated debates in international affairs for over sixty years. 

Foreign Policy is a bimonthly American magazine founded in 1970 by Samuel P. Huntington and Warren Demian Manshel. Foreign Policy publishes the annual Globalization Index, and Failed State Index. Its report Inside the Ivory Tower provides an annual comprehensive ranking of professional schools in international relations. 

International Security publishes lucid, well-documented essays on all aspects of contemporary security issues. Its articles address traditional topics such as war and peace, as well as more recent dimensions of security, including the growing importance of environnmental, demographic, and humanitarian issues, and the rise of global terrorist networks. 

International Organization (IO) is a leading peer-reviewed journal that covers the entire field of international affairs. The journal is continuously ranked among the top journals in the field.  The IO Journal is the official publication of the Information Operations (IO) Institute, a Special Interest Group of the Association of Old Crows (AOC), an independent, nonprofit, international professional association promoting public understanding in the science and practice of Information Operations and related disciplines.

Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizationsis published four times a year (January, April, July, and October). Global Governance provides a much-needed forum for practitioners and academics to discuss the impact of international institutions and multilateral processes on:economic development; peace and security; human rights; the preservation of the environment. 

International Affairs is Britain’s leading journal of international relations. Founded by and edited at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London (1924), it has not only developed a much valued insight into European policy debates but has also become renowned for its coverage of global policy issues. Mixing commissioned and unsolicited articles from the biggest names in international relations this lively, provocative journal will keep you up-to-date with critical thinking on the key issues shaping world economic and political change. 

 Published continuously since 1886, Political Science Quarterly or PSQ is the most widely read and accessible scholarly journal covering government, politics and policy. A nonpartisan journal, PSQ is edited for both political scientists and general readers with a keen interest in public and foreign affairs. Each article is based on objective evidence and is fully refereed. 

The American Political Science Review (APSR) presents peer-reviewed research articles by political scientists of all subfields. APSR continues to be the foremost scholarly research journal of political science. Founded in 1903, the American Political Science Association is the leading professional organization for the study of political science and serves more than 12,000 members in more than 80 countries. With a range of programs and services for individuals, departments, and institutions, APSA brings together political scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occupational endeavors within and outside academe to deepen our understanding of politics, democracy, and citizenship throughout the world.

The International Organizations Law Review is a peer-reviewed journal that that only publishes articles that have passed through an anonymous review process. The International Organizations Law Review purports to function as a discussion forum for academics and practitioners active in the field of the law of international organizations.  The Yale Journal of International Law publishes articles, essays, notes, and commentary on a wide range of subjects in the fields of international, transnational, and comparative law on a biannual basis. Its online companion journal, YJIL Online, publishes shorter analytical essays throughout the year. In both its print and online editions, the Journal is committed to publishing cutting-edge, provocative, and thoughtful scholarship at the forefront of the field. 

The Journal of International Organizations Studies is a new, peer-reviewed journal that seeks to encourage the creation of a distinct field of international organizations studies. It aims to provide a window into the state of the art in international organizations research, and function as a platform for interdisciplinary dialog on international organizations. 

JIRD is an independent and internationally peer-reviewed journal in international relations and international political economy. It publishes articles on contemporary world politics and the global political economy from a variety of methodologies and approaches. The Journal of International Relations and Development is a global publication with regional roots, which was established in 1984 to encourage scholarly publications by authors from Central and Eastern Europe.

 Since being founded in 1998 by students Mike Grenier and Hugh Handeyside with the faculty support of Professor Coit Blacker, the Stanford Journal of International Relations has published the best of Stanford writing on international relations. The Journal provides a semi-annual forum for interdisciplinary discussion of global affairs, publishing writing on politics, economics, history, and public policy. 

Journal of Conflict Resolution (JCR), peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, for more than fifty years has provided scholars and researchers with the latest studies and theories on the causes of and solutions to the full range of human conflict. JCR focuses on international conflict, but also explores a variety of national, intergroup and interpersonal conflicts that may help in understanding problems of war and peace. 

Journal of Peace Research (JPR) (1964) is an interdisciplinary and international peer reviewed bimonthly journal of scholarly work in peace research. Journal of Peace Research strives for a global focus on conflict and peacemaking. The journal encourages a wide conception of peace, but focuses on the causes of violence and conflict resolution.